Here cometh an array of Christmas skies and these be the last skies in this blog as it is time to move on to the blog for 2009 from now on. The nature year 2008 has come to its completion in a few days time.

I would like to take this opportunity to whish all my visitors a prosperous and sun filled year 2009!

Now to the skies that have been very varying during these past few days.

The old stone church in Inkoo on Boxing Day.

Fagervik manor by the lake, which has started to freeze over, later that same day.

Half an hour later the violet shades of dusk has started to set in. Click goes the camera when the personage behind it realizes, that Luca the water dog - who isn't always the brightest spark in the world - has ventured out on the needle thin ice. T'was time to excersize the lungs!

Meanwhile, Ljuba the great huntress, has made a dissapearing act into the shady forest. Nothing to do but wait then and inspect Woody Woodpeckers work while dusk encloses around the lake.

Red sky at night, shepherds delight - as the saying goes.

Eventually the adventuress returns and we make it home to the cottage by the sea bay in time for a last shot of the dissapearing light over the reed beds.

So the darkness fell around the coal harbour and the harbour lights shine bright in the night.

Just as brightly shines the fairy lights outside the summer cottage, which is also used in winter time during Christmas and Easter. As you can see it wasn't a white Christmas this year either.

The day after (today) it was mostly sunny (the old sayings know what they mean) and we ventured out to take a look at the more open sea and its archipelago instead of to the lakes on our way back to the city.

A blue sky and a blue sea - such a treat for vary eyes.

Light cloud could be seen on the opposite side though.

Out at sea it was getting thicker...

and so it started to roll in towards land obscuring the gorgeous blue of the sky above.

That concludes the sky journey for this week and this year in this blog. Much much more amazing skies can be viewed by visiting: