So here we are. Friday again. It is not a nice prospect to try and produce a nice sky picture as the skies over southern Finland have been really dull lately. Not even a glimpse of light for many days, which in themselves are very short at the moment. The joys of winter! Rain, rain and more rain. Still today the raining stopped and the evil Cloud Master let of his grip a tiny bit to let us poor finns realise that there indeed is a sun still in existans somewhere. Not that the Cloud Master let us have full view of the fire ball up in the sky just to make a point. The point being, that this is the time of year when he alone rules suprime.

From words to deeds. Here is the best I can produce at this time of dusky days.

The deserted beach under a bleak December sky. All the rain lately has eroded the sand to produce a shallow river, which was now frozen over.

A sheet of ice spread over a corner of the lake last night

Can you see it too? Light reflecting in the water!
Beggers can't be choosers and even that much cheers me up at the moment.

Over land there is a bit more drama in the sky. A power struggle is going on between the nurturing Sun and the evil Cloud Master.

For somewhat more glorious sky pictures please turn to: