This is now the Christmas edition and wouldn't it be nice to show some snowy scenes. But we're not so lucky. Perhaps I have to move to Lappland. Only place in Finland where there is real snow every year for more than just a day or so. Thus I have simply resorted for my first image to one taken in November. The sky was so blue that day and it features my other dog Ljuba as well. I thought that as Luca had his 15 minutes of fame last week she would deserve the same chance.

When you're a dog at the seaside it is essential to keep the ears pricked in case of any visiting seabirds nearby. Having floppy ears this will prove to be a bit of a challenge but help is at hand. Just turn your head in the right direction and let the wind do it for you.

This image is taken from around the corner to home last Sunday and the wheather was not half bad that day either. Still that is the last time I have seen the sun at all.

The only differense in all the non descriptive grayness was that we actually had a bit of a snow fall yesterday.

Not that it amounted to all that much and today it's all gone again. Someone clever has cristened this kind of climate to the fifth season. When it doesn't quite know whether to be winter or still autumn.

Still even a tiny bit of white on the ground makes a little dog happy

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