I keep finding these nice memes through other bloggers around the world. You start participating in one and then you find another one and another one. That's how it goes and soon you'll spend all your spare time by your laptop or then you'll be out there taking photographs. Nevertheless I shall participate in this one too whenever I have something to contribute with. This time it'll not be one of my doggy pictures but something else. At times I will just post a picture of one of my two dogs or both and that will meen using a different blog. I keep three blogs. One for my dogs, one for all things natural and one for my cottage garden and that little yard here in town too. Therefore the dog pictures will be in my doggy blog. But - as I said - not this time.

Walking my dogs the other week I came across this idyllic scene just when some new snow had fallen on the ground. It made me feel very festive as it reminded me of the coming Christmas with the lantern in the tree and the two cute goats munching away on some hay.

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