So here we are again sky watchers of the world. As grey and dull it is now again we have still had some cheering light spots here and there during the past week. Here is a series of images during the spell of one day last Saturday.

Don't be offended... :oDDSCN7244.jpg
My dog Luca is not being rude here but rather doing what he likes best against a cloud speckled sky. Snow is soooo delicious!

A little later... clear blue skies.

Still later and the sun starts setting. It's clouded over again but as you can see, the sun still shines from behind and paints the trees golden.

Here we have a windmill against the sunset

And here is how it looked seen from a bit further away over the bay

Thus she dissapeared behind the horizon and here we have the very last of the light over the house on the hill.

Driving back home from the countryside and here is the silhuett against the darkened sky of a water tower with a restaurant up top called 'The Stork's Nest'.

And so we have completed the circle of that short day with the moonlit sky. Rather shyly Mr Moon is hiding behind a cloud curtain here.

And that was nearly the end of that short spell of nice wheather. Please join me in whishing for another spell of fine skies this weekend because it is my special birthday coming up :oD

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